Parlaybay’s Exciting Partnership with News iGamingPlatform

A New Chapter with BetGoals

Attention Parlaybay enthusiasts! Parlaybay has officially formed an alliance with News iGamingPlatform. This union combines two heavyweights of the gaming world, paving the way for a future brimming with innovation and collaboration. One of the early highlights to emerge from this partnership is Parlaybay’s collaboration with BetGoals, a leading football-focused platform from Brazil. It’s fascinating to see Parlaybay making strides into such diverse market areas, capturing the attention of fervent football aficionados.

A Fresh Take on Cricket Betting

The news doesn’t stop there! Parlaybay’s tie-up with News iGamingPlatform has also given rise to the Cricket Stack’Em product. It’s being hailed as the world’s pioneering ball-by-ball bet builder for cricket. This novel tool promises to revolutionize cricket betting, offering fans an inventive method to engage with the sport.

Strengthening of Ties

It’s clear that Parlaybay has chosen a strong ally in News iGamingPlatform, a rapidly growing force in the gaming sector. This isn’t just another partnership; it’s a testament to shared goals in innovation, progress, and a unified vision for the future trajectory of the gaming realm. Observers are keen to see how this relationship blossoms and are optimistic about the fantastic achievements on the horizon.

Gratitude in Spades

Parlaybay has extended their gratitude to some key players. Bernardo Bastos, their Latam Country Manager, has been acknowledged for his significant insights into the expanding Latam market. His expertise has played a crucial role in tailoring Parlaybay’s strategies for this vital region. Additionally, a nod was given to Otto Bonning, Parlaybay’s Head of Sales, for his relentless efforts in actualizing this partnership. It’s evident that his commitment is a cornerstone of this venture.

Anticipating a Glowing Future

With this partnership, the road ahead for Parlaybay and News iGamingPlatform appears to be brimming with promise. Their combined passion for innovation and unwavering pursuit of excellence sets them on a trajectory to transform the gaming landscape. Here at, we’ll be eagerly following all updates and developments related to this collaboration. A huge thank you to our community for joining us in this coverage journey. Together, we’re witnessing the evolution of gaming!


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